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    This website is dedicated to my jewelry which is mostly designed around spirals. Most of my spirals are fused with different soldering and welding techniques from which the name "Spiral Fusion" is derived. I work with a variety of metals, stones and techniques. I have pieces in copper, sterling silver and copper silver fusion pieces done in my own unique technique of welding copper with pure silver which yields beautiful pieces of alloyed copper and silver. I work with gold occasionally but due to it's high cost, I don't get to use it as often as I'd like to. On general principal, I avoid using toxic chemicals in my work and my technique relies more on a mastery of fire and torch technique. You will find more about how I make my jewelry in the Materials and Technique Page.

    There is a gallery of high resolution photos of my better and more unique work, an online jewelry store of jewelry currently for sale, and a page of photos of me selling my jewelry at the Taos Gorge Bridge. If you're interested in knowing more about me and my art, you can visit my personal website: DavidDBaca.com

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